A new area of focus for our service offering is to perform major strategic business transformation for both private and public sector businesses. This will involve working closely with company executives, strategists and management across different business units to help realize business strategy and address common business challenges.


The consultant we have recently partnered with for this service has assisted organisations in the private and public sectors in the UK, to achieve their strategic objectives, using business architecture framework and business model canvas, as well as other techniques.


Our service offering in this area will include a holistic and multi-dimensional view of our clients’ business ecosystem and developing a transformation roadmap that guides businesses through change initiatives to ensure strategic vision is successfully executed. We will also translate business strategic objectives and evaluate its impact on core and extended elements of the business ecosystem.


A 5-stage business architecture value stream approach will be used to address business challenges, as well as interpret scenarios. The framework we will adopt for execution and realisation of business strategy is built on the fundamental principles of business arhitecture ene-to-end value stream.


We will provide guidance for applying the above fundamental principles of business architecture to a variety of business transformation scenarios, including:

  1. Business model transformation
  2. Customer experience improvement
  3. Business/IT alignment
  4. Digital transformation
  5. Portfolio investment analysis
  6. Operational complexity reduction
  7. Shifting to customer-centric business model
  8. Regulatory compliance & policy mapping
  9. Change management


To learn more about our business architecture offering, please get in touch using the details in the Contact section.





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