Our corporate governance expertise includes advice on best practice to ensure you have the appropriate governance structures in place and that they are effective and perform to their optimum.

Our services and products ensure that your company secretarial and corporate governance teams are also well trained and equipped to promote them to 'best in class' in what they do. The value-added services and tools we provide lead to enhanced delivery of your corporate strategy, increasing your competitiveness and propelling you ahead of your peer group.

The BoardPacks governance solution is the main technology-driven tool we utilise to drive your governance bodies towards increased efficiency and effectiveness.


Please see the Corporate Governance section for more information on our Corporate Governance advisory services.




Our new business architecture service offering will aim to perform major strategic business transformation for both private and public sector businesses. This will involve working closely with company executives, strategists and management across different business units to help realize business strategy and address common business challenges.


This will involve a holistic and multi-dimensional view of our clients' business ecosystem, as well as the development of a transformation road map to guide businesses through change initiatives. 


Please see the Business Architecture section for more information on our Business Architecture advisory services.


Our risk management expertise ensures that your risk management procedures and processes are effective in identifying, reporting and managing the risks faced by your business. We ensure that any risks you face are within your risk appetite and that the acceptance of any out of appetite risks follow due process and continue to be properly monitored and controlled. We also provide a bespoke risk management service for financial services and oil and gas companies.


Please see the Risk Management section for more details.


Our compliance advisory offering includes training of your compliance personnel and the design and implementation of compliance processes that meet international standards. This service ensures that your business meets its statutory and regulatory obligations and that your staff comply with all your inhouse procedures.


Please see our Compliance section for more information on our Compliance advisory service. 

"How boards get what information, and in what form, is vital to how the board operates."


Ram Charan

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