Modularis Consultants is a boutique advisory firm focused on Africa with expertise in corporate governance, risk management and compliance.


Our main objective is to drive best practice in African corporates and government agencies, mainly with the application of technology-driven tools. 


We adopt a consultative approach, as we seek to fully understand our clients’ businesses, identify their challenges and ensure that our tailored solutions are fully embedded.

Our consultants are specialists in their respective disciplines, with indepth knowledge and expertise acquired through the relevant qualifications and

experience gained from working for some of the largest companies in Africa and the UK.


Modularis Consultants has partnered with eSharea leading provider of web and app-based governance and meeting management tools, to provide the BoardPacks governance solution. We we are the sole and exclusive partner for providing BoardPacks in West Africa.

Please see the BoardPacks and Expertise sections of our website for more information on the board portal and how we can assist you.

"How boards get what information, and in what form, is vital to how the board operates."


Ram Charan

Contact us to request a copy of our BoardPacks brochure, or to schedule a demo.

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